• Chasing Empty Lineups

    Small Groups - No Crowds

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  • Chasing empty lineups

    small groups - no crowds

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  • Catch a fish, grill a fish

    Ocean eating

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  • Your Cruise of a lifetime

    Follow your own path, set your own pace

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  • Plenty of chill and open spaces

    From only 160 USD per person / per night

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  • Surf Travel – in comfort and style

    from only 160 USD per person / night

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  • indo perfection and no one out

    just you and your friends

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  • Explore the indian ocean

    authentic, real traveling - we venture further and off the beaten path

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  • Hike the national parks

    From only 160 USD per person / per night

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  • Your cruise of a lifetime

    Follow your own path, set your own pace

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  • Eyeball a Dragon

    See Komodo Dragons

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  • Paradise Islands

    Raw, pristine Nature

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Welcome on board

We offer unique, exclusive boat trips in small groups in the Eastern Indonesian Archipelago. Our boat Sri Noa Noa takes exclusive groups of friends and family on holidays of a lifetime. Whether you are into surfing, snorkeling or just enjoy the journey, we can tailor a trip to suit your needs. Explore our website and get in touch. Don't wait, our trips book fast.

Experienced crew

captain heri, on board since 1995

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Legends On Board Sri Noa Noa

Layne Beachley (Australian Surfer, Seven Times World Champion), Krist Novoselic (Nirvana’s Bass Guitarist), NOFX (American Punk Rock Band), Jack Johnson’s Family (American Surfer and Songwriter), Joey Cabell (Hawaiian Surfing Pioneer from the 60s), Michael Doyle (American Actor), Ken Bradshaw (American Big Wave Surfer), Samantha Cornish (Australian Pro Surfer).

“Don’t follow a trend. Follow your heart.” Krist Novoselic

Surfing indo

With Only You and Your Friends Out

Surfing and Cruising Trips

Sri Noa Noa is on a salty mission to find perfect, uncrowded waves, since 1975. We sail with small groups only to make sure we do not bring our own crowds. We will not tell the exact spots which we usually surf, however we sail the deep blue waters between Bali and West Timor, including Lombok, Sumbawa, Sumba, Mengkudu, Raijua, Savu and Rote.

We also offer cruising trips, which are perfect for families. On these trips we explore Komodo, Rote, Lembongan and Lombok. Explore Indonesia while sailing along beautiful coastlines, snorkeling crystal clear waters, game fishing, hiking in the national parks or eye-balling some Komodo dragons is most certainly the best way to travel Nusa Tenggara.

Sri Noa Noa

Perfectly Suited For Small Groups And Families

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Great boat, a excellent surf vacation, I sincerely recommend it … aloha!

Joey Cabell (Surf Pioneer from the 60s, Hawaii)

small groups

ideally 4, maximum 6 guests

Did you know?

It was aboard the Sri Noa Noa in 1993 that big wave legend Mike Miller and friends named the right at Terimbang, now better known as Miller's Right.

Indonesian Teak Woods

Cozy Boat Living

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The waters, so blue.